Group Information

Join other parents virtually for essential part of your child’s eating disorder treatment.

Group Leaders: Christine Pavey, LCSW and Sara Gonet, MS, RD, CEDRD-S

Offered by: CAS Counseling and Lutz, Alexander and Assoc. Nutrition Therapy

When: Email us to join the waiting list fo the next group series.

Where: Virtual

Fee: $300 for One 6 Group Meetings

  • Are you the parent of a child or teen with an eating disorder?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re in the dark and don’t know the best way to help?
  • Do you want to learn more about eating disorders, treatment, and how you can better support your child/teen?
  • Do you feel tired and alone at times, wondering if there’s anyone out there who understands?
  • Perhaps you could benefit from an understanding community…a Circle of Support!


Group Details: 

This closed group cycles through 6 topics to help parents who have a child or teen with an eating disorder.  The group is designed for parents to receive necessary education about eating disorder treatment, while experiencing the support of other parents going through a similar situation.


Eating disorder treatment can feel confusing and, at times, scary.  This group provides parents with a clear understanding of the treatment their child is receiving and how their role is essential for their child’s recovery.


Participants can join at any point in the 6-group cycle and must sign up for 6 sessions at a time. Parents can sign up for as many 6-group cycles as they like, to continue learning and benefiting from this supportive community.

The cost of the group is $300 per family unit for 6 one hour groups sessions.


Topics Include:
  1. First steps – diagnoses, establishing a treatment team, and appropriate level of care.
  2. Taking the reins – meal coaching and movement supervision.
  3. Establishing weight goals – Expected Body Weight and Growth charts
  4. Shifting the family food culture – HAES, body image, and food language
  5. Genetics and neurobiology – meds, phobic threshold, cognitive and emotional distortions
  6. Looking forward – graduation from treatment, intuitive eating, long-term prognosis

An essential adjunct to traditional treatment, this group will help you feel more connected to your loved one’s treatment and informed about the complexities of eating disorders. Led jointly by a therapist and dietitian, both who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, this every other week series will focus on both education and community, providing space for learning, discussion and support.


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