Intuitive Eating Psychoeducation and Support Group

  • Learn the basics and complexities of Intuitive Eating
  • Read the book step-by-step and discuss the concepts with others who “get-it”
  • Practice skills and tools through experimental learning to help you on your journey
  • Find support from like-minded group members
  • Discover other resources and support for ditching diets for good



Wednesdays this Fall, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

  • Wednesdays, October 30th, November 6th, 13th, 20th, December 4th, 11th



Our Raleigh Office

  • 1042 Washington St., Raleigh, NC 27605



$80/session; $480 total

  • We ask participants to commit to all 6 group sessions. Payment will be taken in 2 parts – at registration and halfway through the series
  • Participants will be asked to purchase the Intuitive Eating Book
  • Group will be limited to no more than 5 participants


Content and discussion led by an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian!


Email Karen Manschot, RD for more information, to register and for payment options: karen@lutzandalexander.com


Wondering if this group is right for you?


This group is great for people who:

  • Are ready to ditch diets for good…or maybe considering it and want to learn more
  • Would like some guidance, tools and support with implementing the Intuitive Eating Principles
  • Have read Intuitive Eating before
  • Have never read Intuitive Eating
  • Love the idea of a supportive group environment
  • Have nutrition and practical questions about Intuitive Eating
  • Have a history of using external rules for eating, such as counting calories, macros, or the scale, and are ready to tune back in
  • Are tired of thinking so much about food and weight
  • Interested in an evidence based approach to health
  • Are medically stable and does not have an active eating disorder


Our Group is not appropriate for people who:

  • Have an active eating disorder
  • Are not medically stable

Our group does not constitute nor serve as a substitute for behavioral health treatment and/or therapy.


Contact Karen Manschot, RD if you have questions about the group or would like to register: karen@lutzandalexander.com