Nutrition Groups

Led by our Registered Dietitians, our nutrition groups offer information, discussion and support. Healing our relationship with food can often feel like swimming against a swift current, but connecting with other people on a similar journey can make all the difference.

Healing occurs through connection and it is our hope to help provide an avenue for healing through our groups. We offer different groups at different times throughout the year, continue to check back as our offerings change.

ED Recovery: Nutrition Group + Meal Support

Starting July 8th! | This twice weekly, 90 minute group will be led by two of our dietitians, Hannah Waspi and Annie Penrose. The purpose of the group is to provide a bridge between an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)* and an outpatient level of care. Each meeting will have two parts: meal support + nutrition group.


ED Recovery: Virtual Nutrition + Meal Accountability Group

Next Round Starts July 9th! | Looking for more support at the outpatient level of care and not able to attend our in person group and meal support? This virtual nutrition education group is a great addition to an outpatient eating disorders team! Each session will focus on 1 topic relating to eating disorder recovery.