ED Recovery: Virtual Nutrition + Meal Accountability Group


A virtual nutrition group for those working towards eating disorder recovery.


  • Are you looking for more support in outpatient and looking for a group to add to your treatment? 
  • Are you looking to bridge the gap in your eating disorder treatment from a higher level of care to outpatient? 
  • Do you enjoy the discussion, learning and support that occurs in the group setting?
  • Do you benefit from the support of eating a meal with others?

This weekly 60 minute group is led by two of our dietitians, Hannah Waspi and Annie Penrose. The purpose of this virtual group is to provide a bridge between an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)* and an outpatient level of care. This group is appropriate for those with newly diagnosed eating disorders or those who have been working on their recovery.  

This nutrition education + meal accountability group will cover 1 focus topic each session that relates to eating disorder recovery while providing a space to eat lunch.

The group will run 1x per week for 6 weeks and we ask for a 6 week commitment. 


*Please note that this group is not intended as a replacement for or equivalent to a higher level of care. Follow the recommendations of your treatment team. 


Group Leaders:

Annie Penrose, M.Ed., RD, LDN  & Hannah Waspi, MS, RD, LDN



Tuesdays, 12:00 – 1:00pm ET

July 9, 2024 – August 13, 2024



  • Virtual



  • BCBS and Aetna Insurance Members: Our practice is in-network with BCBS and Aetna and we can file for you if you have BCBS or Aetna insurance. We encourage you to call the Customer Service number on your card to inquire about your coverage for CPT code 97804 (Medical Nutrition Therapy Group). Click here for more insurance details.
    • If you have a policy that has a limited number of nutrition visits per benefit year, please note that group sessions typically count towards that limit.
  • Out of Network Insurance Members (not BCBS or Aetna):
    • $275 for the 6 sessions series; This price reflects a prompt payer discount.
  • Signing up for the group reflects a commitment for the 6 session group. No refunds will be provided and there will be a charge for missed group sessions.



  • Open to people anywhere in North Carolina, as well as some other states – Ask us about your state!
  • Open to adults (18+) with an eating disorder or disordered eating with an outpatient treatment team.
  • This will be a closed group, with participation capped at 10 participants.
  • Email hannah@lutzandalexander.com or annie@lutzandalexander.com or call 919-781-4500 to learn more and to register. 


What To Expect: 

A weekly, one hour virtual group that focuses on a new nutrition topic each week while eating lunch together.

Nutrition education: Topics will focus on nutrition education, intuitive eating, food and exercise relationships, meal planning, and diet culture, all within the context of eating disorder recovery. The group will offer psycho-education, group discussion/interaction, and support. This group offers a space free of diet culture and an understanding for the complexities of eating disorders.

Meal Accountability: Everyone will be required to bring a lunch with the encouragement that it meets your individual meal plan requirements.
We will:
    • prompt everyone to start eating
    • provide gentle encouragement throughout to keep eating
    • encourage meal completion by the end of the group
We won’t:
    • check individual plates for specific requirements
    • provide DBT skills coaching
    • check for completion at the end


Email hannah@lutzandalexander.com or annie@lutzandalexander.com or call 919-781-4500 to learn more and to register.