Our dietitians provide individual nutrition therapy in our offices, tailored to your needs. We will conduct an initial assessment visit, typically 80 minutes, primarily to gather all the necessary information to inform the nutrition therapy process. We will discuss your particular nutrition concerns and work together with you to determine goals for nutrition therapy. If requested, we will collaborate with your other health care providers, such as your physician and/or therapist. Typical follow up visits are 50 minutes in length; frequency of visits is determined by your particular needs and the therapy plan. Our specialty areas for individual therapy include eating disorders/disordered eating, chronic dieting, intuitive eating, food allergies, nutrition and self-care in pregnancy, PCOS, gastrointestinal problems and general nutrition concerns.

So much confusion and anxiety surrounds issues of childhood feeding today. It is so easy, in this environment, to worry about your child’s eating, weight, or general health. If feeding your family just isn’t going how you expected or you need support, we can help. We believe that YOU are the expert when it comes to your child, and we can support you in establishing a family feeding environment that works for your family. We will assess your child’s growth and eating history, collaborate with your pediatrician or any other professionals on the health care team, and address your particular struggles and concerns. Our pediatric dietitians are sensitive and compassionate, with experience counseling for “picky” eating, food aversions, weight concerns, disordered eating, food preoccupation, and allergies and sensitivities. Feeding your family doesn’t have to be complicated, and peaceful, pleasant family meals are possible.

Circles of Support: Community and Education for Those Who Love Someone With an Eating Disorder

Meeting the first Saturday of every month, 1:00 – 2:30pm | Currently meeting virtually – A fabulous adjunct to traditional therapy, this group will help you feel more connected to your loved one’s treatment and informed about the complexities of eating disorders. Led jointly by a therapist and dietitian, both who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, this monthly session will focus on both education and community, providing space for learning, discussion and support. Topics will be tailored to the group each month.


Brave Bodies Lunch Bunch

Meeting every Monday 12:00p – 1:00p | Currently meeting virtually – This community lunch group will offer a brave space, away from diet culture, to discuss important topics related to body acceptance & appreciation, Health at Every Size®, weight inclusive care, Intuitive Eating, and freedom from diet culture. You don’t have to be 100% body positive or have mastered Intuitive Eating to be in this group. The group strives to offer support to those wrestling with these topics and wanting a community of folks who “get it.”


We are available to speak to your group of students, employees, educators, or parents about various nutrition-related topics. Please contact us to see if we would be well suited for your group’s needs.

We also offer consulting services, and would be happy to talk with you about policy or health promotion ideas for your organization. As eating disorder professionals, we are particularly passionate about helping organizations support balanced, intuitive eating and health behaviors in their communities. Contact us for details.

Anna Lutz offers professional clinical supervision, case consultation, and business coaching for Registered Dietitians seeking support in their clinical work and business.

  • One-on-One Clinical Supervision: We offer clinical supervision and case consultation in person and virtually. These meetings can be done on a regular or as needed basis, depending on your needs. Anna Lutz is an iaedp Approved Supervisor, for those seeking Eating Disorders Certification. She offers a free 15 minute phone call if you are interested in discussing these services and seeing if she may be a good fit for you and your work. Contact Anna for details: anna@lutzandalexander.com
  • Group Supervision: Anna offers group supervision and case consultation. These groups are run on a regular basis or can be formed when individuals inquire. Contact Anna for details: anna@lutzandalexander.com
  • HAES Virtual Clinical Supervision Group: Anna is thrilled to be co-leading the HAES Clinical Supervision group with Dr. Maria Paredes of Three Birds Counseling and Clinical Supervision. This dynamic group is for both Registered Dietitians and Psychotherapists. This group meets via Zoom on the 2nd Monday of each month from 11:00am-1:00pm EST. For more detailed information and to submit an interest form visit this link. You may also contact Anna with any questions anna@lutzandalexander.com

Are you interested in learning more about what Clinical Supervision is?  Check out the Mindful Dietitian’s course Supervision Essentials for Dietitians.  In this free course, created by Fiona Sutherland, dietitians speak about the purpose, benefits, and myths of clinical supervision.

Fees for nutrition therapy sessions are due at the time of service. We do not file insurance claims, and our providers are considered out of network with all insurance companies (Except for the Duke Student health insurance plan, for which we have 3 providers in network.)

We will provide you with a detailed “superbill” at each visit, which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.  You may inquire about your out of network benefits by calling your insurance company and asking what your out of network benefits are for “medical nutrition therapy.”

Please contact us to inquire about our current fees.